About Me

Hey there! My name is Harlie Yeldezian. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am a Kundalini Reiki Master, Graphic Designer, Interior Stylist and Consultant with a focus in energy & wellbeing. 

So... how did I get here? Well, it all started in graphic design. I studied at Syracuse University, earning a degree in Communications Design. From there I ended up getting into the ad world and burning out...within 3 years. To be honest, I was burned out before I even started. This path led me down some tough times of severe illness, depression, anxiety and a whole lot more. While experiencing this, all I was thinking about was existential dread—not fun. In the beginning of 2020, I had gotten some grips on my health, and decided that what I was doing in my career was negatively affecting my whole life. My environment was literally making my ill. So I made a change. I dedicated that entire year (committed before Covid) to figuring out what I wanted to do and what I truly cared about.

After a lot of exploration, my path, my purpose, and my why revealed themselves. After getting back to my roots and spirituality, my main focus became helping others, connection, creation, and healing. I began sharing my happiness, my discoveries, and my path. What's the fun in discovering things if you can't share them with others? So, I began guiding others with the knowledge I'd gained through my own trials & tribulations. Through my own exploration, healing and path towards a balanced life, I discovered a whole new way of living and interacting with ones life. It became my passion to share this.


My why presented itself to me during this year of rediscovery. This purpose is to guide people through many different areas to make their lives better. Simple as that. It is to show people how their mind, outlook, and energy can be influenced by their space and vice versa. It is to show people that self care is more than a trip to the nail salon. I'm here to show how we can create spaces to support every aspect of what we need. It starts inside, and is reflected out. Through intention we can create anything.

Reiki to support the mind body and soul.

Interior/ Spacial design to create spaces that support you.

Graphic Design to create intentional professional support.

& Consulting for everything in between.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this small about me. There is SO MUCH I have to give, teach, create, and learn and I am so grateful to be able to share this with you. 

Much Love!


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My Philosophy - Habitat

Environment affects everything. And everything is energy. 

In order to live a life in alignment we must bring intention to all aspects of our life including our environment. By working with intention we can infuse our energy with our goals from the start. From there we can focus on creating spaces which uphold your wellbeing and reflect what you want and need in life. I truly believe that with enough intention and enough care, we can minimize stress & negativity, and maximize ease & joy. 

Home does not have to be stressful. It should truly be your own sanctuary and retreat. With a little care, a mindset shift, and some tools to help tackle the stressful side of spaces (ehem, never-ending laundry and cleaning, design overwhelm, clutter...), professional guidance to help with design and curation, and intentional/ spiritual awareness to bring it all together....We can create spaces which decrease mental and physical clutter, support your intentions and make your life all around better. Remember when you learned about animals and how important their habitat was? It is the same for us too. Let's ditch the boring and create something personal, supportive and so YOU.

I would be honored to lead you down this path of design and discovery to create spaces just as unique as you are. 

My Experience with Reiki

Just as I discovered the world of energy and spaces, my life truly bloomed when I found the path of Reiki. I am level a 1, 2, & 3 certified Kundalini Reiki Master.

I have always been very closely connected to spirituality and energy. After a very tumultuous period in my life and not knowing where to go for help I ended up finding reiki. It was life changing. After some time of routine care, I knew it was something I wanted to learn myself. I feel so connected and purposeful doing this work and would be so grateful to help you on your healing journey.


Reiki helped and continually helps me come back to the present moment, align, feel, ground (and so much more). Connecting to energy has become such a focus in my life, that it is only natural that I became interested in the art and practice of reiki. I am trained in the Kundalini lineage including Diamond Reiki, Birth Trauma Reiki, DNA Reiki, Location Reiki, & Crystalline Reiki. There is so much more that could be said about this practice and how it's changed my life but to save space on the internet I will leave it at that for now. 

So much light + love


Wellness Coach