Solutions for the soul.

Holistic Design Services including Reiki/ Energy work & Channeling, Interior Styling, Graphic Design, & Consulting to support your wellbeing.


Image of: Harlie Yeldezian

Photography by: Becky Stavely


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Hey, I'm Harlie

The human behind Dezian Design Co. :)
I am a multi-passionate creative and spiritual being here to help craft visions, see big pictures and guide you to more ease and joy into your any means I can!


Here we explore meaningful soul-utions to all of your needs—be it energy work & channeling, graphic and interior design, creative consulting, or mindset & motivation—in order to bring in more peace, joy, clarity, creativity or something else you decide you want in your life. I am at heart, an artist, a visionary, teacher, a nurturer and (surprisingly?) an entertainer. 

I am here to guide you to a different way, an easier and more fun way, to life of alignment, joy and healing.  

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My Specializations

I'd be so happy to guide you through any of these processes. Here you will find my current specializations and what I may be here to help you with.

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Energy Work

  • Kundalini Reiki

  • Energy Audit (Feng Shui/Astrology) 

  • Energy Cleansing

  • Intentional Recommendations for Cleansing/Energy Support

  • Specialized Energy Work to Support You.

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Interior Styling

  • Styling & Consulting

  • Full Room Design

  • Mindset Design

  • Clutter Clearing & Organizing

  • Energetic Design
    Feng Shui/Astrology  audits based on your spaces.

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Graphic Design & Art

  • Abstract/Energy Paintings

  • Branding

  • Logo Design

  • Packaging

  • Illustration

  • Full service Graphic Design (social, ooo, etc)